About Us

Önkar Kağıtçılık was founded in 1981 at Cağaloğlu, the historical center of press. With the expanding product range and increasing customer satisfaction, Önkar Kağıtçılık has moved its facilities first to 1. Matbaacılar Sanayi Sitesi (1st Printing House Industrial Site) and then to 100. Yıl Matbaacılar Sanayi Sitesi (100th Year Printing House Industrial Site). In 2002 Önkar made the strong investment and built their own facilities at Güneşli which has a 3.600 m2 covered area. Thanks to strong relationship with the overseas, Önkar increased the number of its customers and trading volume every year. And the company moved to Esenyurt, continues to provide service with a covered area of 4.800 m2 with the recent strong investments. With this strong structure, Önkar Kağıtçılık will continue to meet the expectations of the valuable customers as one of the leading companies of the sector with 40 years experience. Our aim is to offer you the best and highest quality paper products.

Our Mission

Our mission is prioritizing high quality and safety standards with working principles adopted from corporate values, always acting responsibly towards society and the environment; offering quick, high-quality, economic solutions to our customers with our sense of customer-orientation

Our Vision

Our vision is to become leading brand in the field with its sustainable growth principle, institutionalism, technology, experience and human resources richness in paper-related solutions.

Our Quality Policy

Performing all our activities within consistently improving quality consciousness, with our employees aiming to customer satisfaction under common institutional culture awareness, by using high technology and strong partnership network, Önkar acts advantageous role for the society and law.